12th April
Salt Lake City was my highly unlikely destination having just arrived in LA from Fiji the day before. All I knew about SLC was that the legendary shiny teeth of the Osmonds came from there, and I didn't discover anything new as all I saw was the inside of the airport and Dennys restaurant. The Thieves picked me up as they mae their was from Denver, where by all accounts a pretty debauchedtime was had by all the night before.

13th April
A long drive up to Boise, Idaho was just what was needed to allow those entirely unnecessary extra 3 pancakes to go down, which the lads had forced me to consume at Dennys the night before.

Free haircutswere had by all on our arrival to Boise at the 'Electric Chair', which sounded a bit Sweeney Todd to me, but we braved it. Robin miraculously returned Hal's locks to their natural blonde state after his ill-advised home dye foray into Ginger-dom. Jamie was turned all emo, much to the lads amusement by Debs. Thanks for that girls!

I wasn't sure whether it was such a wise move, but The Thieves assured me it's common practice to have a curry in Boise before the show. As it wouldn't be me onstage risking a humiliating dash to the toilets or a trouser staining incident, I was happy to join them. The show turned out to be a triumph (cheers to Hot Dog Sandwich for playing at such short notice), the lads were on top form for what turned out to be the best gig that I saw on that part of the tour. The crowd at the Bouquet were fantastic and I can't possibly fail to mention the ladies whoso generously revealed themselves on stage! Also, thanks to the bikers for all the shots and showing us your doughnuts outside (not what it may sound like), appreciate the Union Jack T-shirts too lads - nice one!

Then it was all back to Megan's after the show for some New Castle Brown Ale in the hot tub, now that's what I call rock n roll!

14th April
We managed to get rolling in the RV just about 'early' enough to have a chance to make it to the High Dive in Seattle in time for the show that night. It was a really beautiful drive into Washington through the snow capped misty mountains and as we arrived in Seattle we managed to tear Hal away from listening to Ryan Adams to put on some classic grunge.

The Thieves opened the show that night and by the end of the set they had managed to prise everyone from the back wall and onto the dance floor, shaking their thangs. Without wanting to brown-nose the band it was a real testament to the in-ya-face rock n roll that they exude that they could convert the crowd so completely in such little time. After the show we were all humbled and reappearance of Mike Shrieve, the original Woodstock-era Santana drummer - what a geezer! But will Hal follow his advise and listen to world music in order to improve his guitar playing....?!?!?

15th April

A day off with no driving to do. We stayed in Everett, Washington, 45 mins north of Seattle with friends of Anna's, Ashley & Grant. We experienced some fantastic hospitality there - great food, free-flowing beers and much welcomed home comforts such as showeres and washing machines! Had a great time playing with (or more accurately making dizzy till he pisses himself) the lovliest puppy ever, Harley. Also enjoyed attempting to free up Grants truck which he accidently mounted onto a cable box in his front yard, a muddy rewarding experience proving that rock bands (yes, even drummers, Jamie!) can do things in the real world. Thanks for having us stay guys!

16th April
We drove to Portland, Oregon today. On the way we stopped off at a restaurant somewhere where I was again impressed by the lads ability to get enough coffee to keep an army awake for a week yet paying for only one. It's all about alloting certain areas of the cup for each person and the surrepticious pass when the server isn't looking apparently. We stayed with Ed, a friend of the band, in Portland where we had a much needed quiet in watching Blood Diamond, nice one Ed, cheers!

17th April

The Thieves last show of the tour tonight is at Dante's in Portland. Really great venue but unfortunately not as large a crowd as usual, although those present were extremely enthusiastic to say the least. The great partnership between the bands rhythm section, Sam and Jamie, was apparent in their dominance of 'Guitar Hero 2' before the gig, the show itself and their debauchery afterwards... good work lads! Hal showed the locals how to play pool, drink whiskey + chain smoke like a true Englishman, while I let the side down somewhat by inexplicably vomiting three times and retiring early to the RV. Disgraceful!

18th April
After dropping Jamie off at Portland airport at a horrifically early time, Hal, Sam and I kept the RV dream alive, continuing south back down to LA camping along the way. We stopped off in San Francisco for a while and stayed with Dan, an old friend of the band from the UK. Hal saw to his various Del-Boy-esque business ventures as Sam and I ventured out into downtown San Francisco, observing all the lunatics deep in conversation with themselves. Spent a great night in a British pub in San Fran, where we took advantage of the decent draught Guinness and jukebox and again showed the Americans how to play pool. Cheers to Dan, Tim, Jon and their girlfriends for a top night!

We left for LA on Saturday, stopping for various mandatory attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and of course Andersen's pee soup restaurant. The all you can eat pea soup turned out to be a big mistake for all of us digestively speaking, though I have to claim victory for caning almost 3 bowls. Doesn't make up for the Portland vomit though... we get back to Hollywood on Saturday night in plenty of time for the big show at the Viper Room on Monday night.

23rd April
Sunday was the calm before the storm, as the day of the Viper Room turned out to be pretty manic. There was a severe shortage of food and an abundance of (not very rock n roll) champagne which contributed to an early state of intoxication, standing us in good stead for the rest of the night. Cars conspired against us in their failure to start, but we managed to get the band to soundcheck and back again. We returned to find a a packed-to-the-rafters, sold out Viper Room gagging for some serious thievery. Of course The Thieves obliged, rampaging through a blinding set of soon to be classics, and the rest is consigned to scotch fuelled hedonism...