Day 1 - Sam - 17th March
We hit the road at midday. The last week has been so hectic getting everything ready for the tour, so it’s a relief to finally be on the road and on our way. Hal’s flown back to England to take care of some business, so it’s just me and Jamie for the next 4 days and the next 2000 miles on the road to get to the first show in Birmingham, Alabama. We have a pretty uneventful day, just listening to bluegrass on the radio and looking at the desert. At 11 PM we have a major blow out on the back right tyres. BOLLOCKS, BOLLOCKS and more BOLLOCKS!!! So we spend the next 2 hours waiting and when the AAA truck finally turns up, he’s got the wrong gear so we have to wait another 2 hours for him to get another truck. We eventually get to a Tyre Center in Flagstaff, AZ at about 3.30 AM and thank the Lord they open on Sundays! We pass out about 4 AM

Day 2 - Jamie - 18th March
After, what can be called, an eventful night, we wake in the car park of Sams Club, Flagstaff AZ, praying for them to have the right tyre for the job. As we drive to the garage, our hearts sink as we see it's closed, we ask some girls out front what time it opens, they tell us what we thought, it opens at 10, we think it's gone 10, so we ask what time zone are we in and we're in Arizona time????? Ok so that translates into a possible hour more sleep...GUTTED! Anyway so after the place opens we get on the road, after the tyre was changed.... of course... Lots more driving, we end the day at a truck stop somewhere in the pan handle of Texas.

Day 3 - Sam - 19th March
Um, we drive… a lot! We stop at a proper southern hick gas station to sleep. I can hear the music from the film Deliverance going round my head. I hold on to my pillow tightly and fall asleep.

Day 4 - Hal - 20th March
Spent the last week in England, seeing a man about a dog ;-) I took an early plane out of London to meet the boys in Alabama for tonight's show. I got into Birmingham at 10 and by 11 we were on stage. I was in a confused but fluid state of playing – usually I use Scotch, but jetlag seems to work just fine. By 1am I was back on UK time so wide awake. The joys of this venue, The Nick, is that the patrons don’t live by 9-5 living… this is a bar that closes when the last person turns the light out. I’m not sure I was the last, but I was sure happy to find our RV and my bed parked just outside.

Day 5 - Jamie - 21st March
I get rudely awoken by some redneck who obviously has a bigger motor bike than penis but even that is half the size of the one on his head!!! The guy just sits there revving his bike what a twat! doesn't he know we had a late night playing pop music to the people of Birmingham??? anyway after he pissed off (maybe he needed more petrol) we headed out to Atlanta GA via the nearest Cracker Barrel. Once on the road, I get my head down and have a nice nap, We have a brief day off today and we have the promise of food, showers and a nice bed to look forward to. We arrive at a friend of a friends House I bolt to get in the shower first. Hillary is a darling; she's laid out a basket of goodies, And I do love Fig Newton's, to quote Talladega nights, which is what we spent the night watching. AHHHHH lovely!

Day 6 - Sam - 22nd March
I wake up late at our friend, Hillary’s house in Atlanta, have a shower and wonder down stairs. Hillary’s a star and has cooked us all a lush breakfast – this is a pretty awesome start to my day and a right treat when on tour. We hang out most of the day, catching up on band stuff and then head down to the club about 6ish. We’re playing Smith’s Olde Bar tonight and it’s an awesome venue, the only down side is that it’s got the most c@#%ish stairs ever! So, after sweating our balls off and getting some much needed exercise, we have a beer and dinner served to us by a lovely girl called Sam. We do a good show and then get some drinks in with some friends afterwards. The people in Atlanta are always cool and the people that run the club are very very cool. We end up back at Hillary’s house about 3 or 4 and crash - pretty civilised really. The full on debauchery that is our normal life on the road hasn't started yet, but it's early days and I feel it's on the way!

Day 7 - Hal - 23rd March

Day 8 - Jamie - 24th March

Day 9 - Sam - 25th March
We stopped at an RV park last night in Virginia, so when I wake up I find my self in a really nice place with the birds singing and nature in all its glory. I take a nice hot shower and cook my self an egg fried sarny, which is made perfect cause we have proper HP brown sauce from back home. Couldn’t have started my day off better really. Suddenly, my world is shattered though. Jamie is still in bed and informs me that he has morning wood (in a far more crude way though) and would I like to see it. Eeuhhhttt!!! I retch and have to leave the RV before my day is completely ruined and my mind is scarred for the rest of the tour. Somehow, I manage to get my breakfast down, whilst Jamie is shouting out the window, “hey Sam, check this out” and out of the corner of my eye, I can see he has his arse out. This boy has serious issues!!! We get to the club, get well fed and hit the stage a couple of hours later. We’re really getting our shit together now so we do a really good show. The new songs in the set are going down really well, so I guess we’re doing something right. After the show we have some shots and drinks. Jamie and I are challenged to pool by some nice girls, so we proceed to play the worst game of pool in our lives, but somehow manage to win. We really need to get our pool chops back up if we’re to call ourselves a real rock band. We crash outside the club about 2 or 3. Good day!

Day 10 - Hal - 26t March

Day 11 - Jamie - 27th March

Day 12 - Sam - 28th March
We stayed in Manhattan with a friend last night. I was shit faced last night, so didn't really know where we were, but when I wake up and look out the window I see we're right bang in Union Square - MILKED!!! - this place must cost an arm and a leg! We take a little wonder around Manhattan for a while and get some grub (thanks Cara!). Jamie wants to check out some shoe shop, so we have a gander round. They have some cool shoes, but the shop assistant is the rudest wanker I have ever met. I could have twatted the git. Anyway, after having a good hang out we head back to Brooklyn to pick up the RV. We get invited into the Trash Bar for one more drink before we hit the road, so we oblige and hit the road a while later. We drive a few hours and crash outr at a truck stop.

Day 13 - Hal - 29t March

Day 14 - Jamie - 30th March

Day 15 - Sam - 31st March
I get woken up by the door bell ringing and Ryan shouting "F@#K off, don't ring the f@#King door bell, I hate the f@#King door bell, RAAAAAHHHHH, F@#K, S#$T, B@LL@X!!!". I guess he doesn't like his door bell very much - I shouldn't laugh, but I canni help it. ;-) It takes him a good 15 minutes to chill and get his Chi back, but eventually he does. Donnie, the owner of Rex's, takes us for lunch and then onto Bam's house to check out his new skate ramp. We've hung out with Bam a few times but never been to his house. When the gates open there's a rainbow on the road and there's these weird fucked up dinosaurs in the bushes everywhere and a giant penis painted on his garage door next to his Lamborghini - his place is more like a theme park than a house. He rolls up on his ATV and helps us all to Rockstar and Vodkas before taking us down to the new skate ramp (it's more like a skate park really). It has the tallest and thinnest vert I've ever seen, which goes through a tunnel before taking you back up another huge wall and throwing you out onto a 7 foot high rail. There's this kid called Figgy going down this thing time and time again. FUCKING MENTAL!!! It also has a tree house where seven kids have been living whilst building the monster skate ramp - must smell good in there I reckon. We hang out with Bam for the day, checking out a new film he's starting work on before we head down to the local pub for some food and pints. Then we head back to Rex's for a friends band who's playing here tonight. We get stuck into the booze some more and I have to go and pass out about 4. Jamie and Hal saw things out until 6 and apparantly they got through the infamous 96oz beer jug with Judd in under 10 minutes. Thank fuck I went to bed before that mess!