6 June
Wake up, go and have a look around. Couple of big fishing ponds and pits where they do drag racing through the mud, and advert banners saying 'Jail is hell, call... for bail bonds...'. I guess a lot of hill billies go to Jail down here. Then it starts to rain, so Hal and I retreat to the RV for a cup of tea. Have a shower then we're off to New Orleans which is about an hour and a half away. Pissin' wiv rain still. Find the club, then go and park up in the French Quarter. Go and have coffee and donut at the Cafe Du Monde, then have a wonder down Bourbon Street, where it all goes off at Mardis Gras. Stop and go and get a beer, can't believe this is my last day. Then go and park up and go and get some pasta. Get to the gig, play first, drink, drink, drink.................. This entry has been cut short cause I got shit faced and now I'm late for my plane. Bye everyone. Fuck, I gotta pack!!! Paul.

5 June
Wake up quite eearly, go and have a wash and go buy some milk with our last $1.37 to have some muesli. Have an interesting conversation with Hal, about how funny he thinks it is when cat's are shittin' because they look so ashamed - we all agree. Today was obviously going to be a shockin' day cause Jamie said he'd wash up... but then he didn't. Listen to Sweet Home Alabama - just had to. Drive for a while then stop in Mississippi at a camp site. Real cool place, get burgers, pork chops and buns and stuff and have ourselves a big ole BBQ. Hal has his shirt off as it's stupidly muggy, I put on my jeans' t-shirt and trainers. When we get in the RV he's got about 15 mossy bites all over him - it was worth being hot. Two kids that live at the site - Jake: 8, Tony: 11. Both buy CDs off us, they're running around in shorts and vest bare foot in the dark, with out a bite on them and there's Cotton Mouths out here. Then we play cards, the looser has to stand outside in just their boxer shorts for 1 minute. It doesn't sound too bad but we all watch out the window, with glee at Sam getting eaten alive... hee hee hee! Really early night about 1ish.

4 June
Wake up cold, we left the AC on all night, go out side. BANG! like steppin' into an oven - go lie by the pool, catch some rays, then have a swim. Try to phone home, yet again, but shite phones won't let me - proper getting on my tits now!!! Spot of brecky and we're off to Jack Daniels distillery which is only 40 minutes away - sweet! It's a great tour, well worth doing and it's free. But no samples cause it's in a dry county - which seems well bizarre. They said that outside the States, the place where Jack Daniels is consumed the most is the UK - we're dedicated to our course. Then we drive for about another 4 hours, going through Alabama, it's really lush, green hills and forest. Near Birmingham now, how do they think up there names? Hal cooks up bangers and mash, with me helping over a few beers, then cards again. Quite early so we go into the truckers lounge to watch a movie, they start Fist Full of Dollars for us - classic Clint - what a hero!!! Bed about 2.30ish.

3 June
Wake up early, stupidly hot again, sweating like a Pregnant Nun. Bit of toast and a wonder about and we're off on the way to New Orleans. It's a long drive though so we'll try to get half wayish. Stop and gte a great milk shake and burger at Johnny Rockets. Then we stop in an RV park where there's a pool so we swim for half an hour, have a shower, then start to cook up a lasagne over a beer. Great food, well done again Sam. Then it's a few more beers, a couple of bottles of red wine and poker - big money! A penny a game. Go out for a cig with Hal and there's green flashing lights everywhere - no I'm not trippin' - Fire Flys buzzin' about all over the place. Then bed about 4ish.

2 June
Wake up about 12, go into the house and meet Blue (Zabrina's boyfirend), take a shower and put on clean clothes - doesn't sound like much but that's a big deal - first time I've done laundry for ages. Feel so much better! Zabrina cooked really good pasta for us - damn I'm being spoiled today. Then Blue shows us around the place; It's got load's of wooded area around the house and really tall bamboo - f'ckn' cool place. I'm informed there's lots of cotton mouthes - not too keen on the idea of that - I'd be walkin' round in wellies the whole time, I tell thee. Then we get on the way to Nashville, TN. A couple of hours into the drive we get pulled over by the police again. Standard drill: "What ya boys doing here?"... "We're in a band!"... "What ya called?"... "The Thieves!"; I'm sure you get the idea by now! Get to the gig at the Exit/In, load all the stuff and go and get something to eat. I was bummed because Sam got a wicked pizza and I got a shite chicken sandwich melt... which I am gutted about!! Then we go back and sound check and get 4 bottles of rolling rock each - some blond bird gives us her thong, which we hang in the rear view mirror with pride. Go and get some more food and beer, and then bed about 3.30ish.

1 June
Wake up 12ish, think I'm bleeding, then remember I'm covered in red pen, start the drive to Atlanta, GA. Stop and get Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky - just had to. Couldn't understand a word they said. Noticed a hole in the window, which looked suspiciously like a bullet hole. Drive on and get to the gig at the Star Bar where we were told we could have as much PBR Beer as we could drink... so I took him up on the offer. They had this cool but a little weird, shrine to Elvis which was pointed out to me by Zabrina, who runs the guys Myspace. We went back to hers after the gig - really tired, go straight to sleep about 4ish.

31 May
Wake up 11.30ish the bus is already moving. Go sit in the front with Hal. Dense Decidiuos.forest, rocky valleys and outcrops - everything is really green. The long grass looks like summer in England; blue lakes and streams: beautiful day. Hal tells me we've just entered West Virginia; signs saying "Watch out for wildlife" with pictures of Deer and Bear. Lush green, hilly parcels. Get to the gig at The Dame, Lexington, Kentucky. We go in and have a beer. We ask "excuse me, do you have a local Bourbon"? which is replied with "We're in Kentucky, all Bourbons local"... "Ok then, we'll have one of those Wild Turkeys"... "You want the Kicking Chicken"?.... "yes please". Turns out to be 50.5%! Then the guy at the bar says in a strong Southern accent "You know why Hitler didn't drink Bourbon, right"?.... "It made him mean"! We all piss ourselves...looks like it's going to be a mad night. Get the local Kentucky Ale for a dollar a pint, but the barman's so shitfaced by the end of the night that he wipes the slate with a single Thieves t-shirt. Go out back and smoke some pipes with this dude. Then back to his for a drink and a smoke. Then have a marker-pen fight with Sam. Bed about 5ish.

30 May
Wake up all through the night and morning - lots of loud people everywhere and the bus is like a sauna. Go and phone home. Then up to the apartment again, then we're off, starting the long drive (11 hours - ish) to Kentucky). Have to drive through Harlem on the way out of NYC. Then I have a bit of a snooze. Wake up in all nice green farm lands. Big houses scattered across the countryside. We eventually stop about half way there, in Maryland somewhere. We spoke to some people we met in West Chester and they said there was a Tornado just after we left - CRAZY! Was really nice when we were there. Stop and cook up Spag Bol with cream cheese in it - well nice (good work Sam me boy). Then its a few beers over a few games of cards for shots of Scotch, but we play rather too many games and drink the whole bottle - great night cap. One last cig and bed at 4ish.

29 May
Wake up early in the bus about 8.30, go and feed the meter. Then back to sleep until 12.30, when I'm woken up by Sam sitting on the edge of my bed. I nearly shat my pants which Sam finds bloody hilarious - lucky I didn't beat him to death, we are in Down town New York in the RV. Then we go to Kristy's (the Swede's ex) apartment for a lush sandwich and a shower. Spend the rest of the day walking around New York - really cool. Stop at an Irish pub for a spot of lunch and a few pints. Get back to Kristy's about 8.30 then go and have dinner at an Italian restaurant. The food was lush as was the wine. Back to the apartment to watch Blade Trinity - what a pile of shite. Bed about 2.30ish.

28 May
Wake up - cookin' well hot in the bus. Start to drive to the Mercury Lounge, NYC, stop at Denny's and get a meat lovers skillet with Hal - his B'day is today - the ripe age of 29, no less. Drive over the bridges to Brooklyn and Manhattan (names???). Get a great view of the city, see the empire state building and get a pretty good view of the Statue of Liberty too. Arrive at the gig, unload the stuff and park up and look for somewhere to begin the celebrations. Hal opens his pressies and has a bottle of Glenmorangie, so we sample a large one, then its onto the bar, play the gig, then go and eat at this great Tapas bar, absolutely gorgeous. Then back to the club for a few more beers, then bed at 4ish.

27 May
The guys met some girls last time they were here so we wake up about 12ish and go round there's for a much needed shower, then watch some TV for the first time in a month, then my beloved chicken and ranch Subway, ummmm...... THen Hal and I go for a beer at a really cool little bar where they have Stella - Thank you God! Then back to the girls house for Tacos which they cooked for us - well sound, just what the doctor ordered. Then onto another bar, then the gig, Get free pitchers, which we consume with haste, being Hal's B'day and all, then back to the girls apartment and we watch run ronnie run - well funny - then bed about 4ish.

26 May
Wake up at 8.30ish, back to sleep at about 1.15 - great sleep, eggy bread and then we're off driving to Gettysburg - might as well get some culture whilst we're here - get side tracked and end up in West Chester. Find a really nice spot by a stream in the country which has a picnic bench, so we cook up chili and eat out side over beers till dusk. Then inside for cards and a few more beers, then go to see the 'Kingdom of God', pretty good film. Then to where we're playing the gig tomorrow - Rex's - for a few beers and a game or two of pool. Park up on a side street about 3.30ish.

25 May
Wake up, dying for the bath room in a street with no where to go. Sam, Hal and Jamie won't wake up to drive me somewhere and just lay in bed laughing at me. They get up eventually and we drive to lower east side Manhattan for Pizza and a much needed loo break. Get an oil change as we've now done 8000 miles, stop at some little back street garage, looks dodgy as hell but its well cheap. Wonder around NYC most of the day sorting out a few jobs, then we're off driving for about 4 hours, stop just south of Philly and cook up a Sausage Pasta thing after making Jamie reluctantly wash up. Several games of cards over a beer and bed at 3ish.

24 May
Wake up at 11, rubbish nights sleep, drafty, cold and shitty weather. Go and have a shower and shave for the first time for three and a half weeks. Right mission but feel loads better. Get a salad, some hard boiled eggs and a coffee and we're away en route to Brooklyn, NYC. Get to the gig and the birds never heard of us, says "well, you're not suppose to be playing but we'll put you on the boll anyway. Then the third band steals all the mikes so we can't play but we get half price Stella anyway and about three free rounds. Cook up, great bangers and mash and I step outside the RV for a smoke and hear the bar still kicking so I bang on the door and they let me in. This huge dude called Mojo tells me jokes for a while, which he finds far funnier than anyone else does which makes it even funnier - great laugh over some Jamesons. Then bed at 5ish.

23 May
Wake up, go into the Bovine, find out that they have Baked Beans in Canada, so we go to the store and get some and take them to the Shanghai Cowgirl and get a full breakfast with beans - yepee! Then we go to watch the new Star Wars movie, pretty cool. Then on the road, get stopped at US border for no reason - they're just being difficult to be ass holes. Then we get to Buffalo and stop to get 50 Buffalo wings between 4 of us, I have 14 and I'm done, the others get a box for the rest. Then onto a truck stop. Not tired so I phone me Mum, then watch NYPD Blue with Hal in the truckers lounge. Go to bed about 3.30ish.

22 May
Wake up quite early, I fink bloody freezing but cat knap until 12.30ish. Get up and we start to drive back to Toronto. Stop and get a salad and a coffee - sorts me right out - feeling good. Get to the Bovine, got Deja Vu, Troy is sat at the bar, smoking as usual. Go next door for a couple of pitchers and Shanghai noodles. Very nice. Then back to the club for plenty of Beer, Vodka and Jager. About 4ish we go back to this girls house for a smoke. I role 2 joints with some herb we swapped for an EP - fuck it's strong! Me, Sam and Hal all leave the place giggling like school girls. Get back to the RV and wake up Jamie, role another J so he can sample it and all sit around pissing ourselves at Sam taking about an hour to make a cup of tea. Then sleep about 5ish.

21 May
Wake up, the bus is moving, I however can not. Get out of bed after a while - mainly driven by hunger - fuck me it's 3.30 in the afternoon. Stop to get a pretend Subway called Mr. Sub - shite! Then off to Montreal. Get to the gig at Le Swimming, no one around so we go and have an Italian - nice. Play the gig, shoot loads of pool and have a few pitchers, then get back to the RV at what I thought was a sensible time, turns out it's 5 AM - another early night - Great!

20 May
Wake up on a street in the bus - don't know where I am, only Sam and me on the bus. I'm informed we're in Toronto and Hal and Jamie are in some birds house across the street. So I go over, no one home so I have a show and do the dishes, which have been in the bus for about a week. Get to the gig at the Bovine Sex Club, really cool place, meet Troy who takes us next door for a pitcher or two and some lunch. Then we're off to a radio Interview and back for some more pitchers and a spot of dinner. That's right we stayed in the bar that long that we had lunch and dinner there whilst drinking for a healthy nine hours. Then next door for the Bovine for the show, great gig, really cool atmosphere and sound people. Towards the end of the night I put duct tape in Sam's hair and he gets all eggy cause he was trying to pull some bird and he had to get it cut out. The birds turn up from the highway that we were messing about with. Get out of the bar at 6.30 AM, broad daylight - C***ish!

19 May
Wake up in the car park, on the bus that is, not just in a car park - although that has happened before. Me and Hal go for a wonder and find out that we're only 10 minutes drive from Niagra falls. So off we go and stop at the whirl pool first to see the sheer power of the river, then on the Falls. Absolutely amazing, again just can't believe the sheer power and volume of water just flowing over and over. Been wanting to see this since I was a little kid, so really chuffed today - another one off the list of things to do. On to the gig at Hamilton, Corktown Tavern. A bit of shit hole, but proper pint glasses and nice beer at last. A local guy shares his knowledge with me and tells me how to make honey oil from Ganja leaves and butane - very useful information. Then some local woman, whose birthday it is takes a shine to me and puts her hands up my shirt. At this point I was tempted to hide in the bus, but just drank with Hala and kept a low profile.

18 May
Wake up feeling fine again, nice cupper and we're off. Stop to get a subway, I swear they put something addictive in them - I can't get enough. Drive down the highway and these girls keep passing, then slowing down. SO we write Jamie's No. down on a piece of paper and hold it up in the window, but they shake their heads and write down their No., so Sam and Jamie talk to them on the phone and tell them to come to the show in Toronto on Friday. What a pair of smooth operators. Another productive day, making truck drivers honk their horns. Get to the gig in Rochester, the Bug Jar. Play first after lots of beer. Then this girl we met, Myah, takes us to a food joint to have a 'sloppy plate' - lots of home fires, two cheese burgers, a Macaroni Cheese Salad and hot sauce all in a pile. She said she's never seen anyone eat the whole thing. I said "well love, history is gonna be made this day" and ate the fuckin' lot. Finish the night, pissed as a hand cart. Jamie starts to drive to the Canadian border again.

17 May
Wake up, feeling fine. Start driving along the side of lake Michigan to Detroit. The lake's beautiful and so blue - nice sunny day. Spend the rest of the day driving on the shitest roads in the world, possibly. Then we get to the gig at the Lager House, few free drinks, shoot some pool, then two great pizzas arrive for us - sweet. Finish the gig and decide to get over the border to Canada but I remember we still have some weed, so a roll a quick one to finish it off. Next thing "shit we're at the border, throw it out the window", "I'd rather lop off my todger" was my reply and I ate the whole joint - hmmm.... tasty! Stop at a truck stop, have some crazy dreams but a really good nights sleep.

16 May
Wake up feeling like shite. The girls kindly let us have a shower in their flat, makes me feel a bit better, then I feel like I'm gonna pass out. So me, Sam and Chelsea go for Fajitas - feel much better now. Then we watch this great film called 'The Count of Monte Cristo' - can't believe I've never heard of it before - nice to chill out for a change. Then we go to Lori's apartment, looking over lake Michigan - the lake's fuckin' huge - can't get my head around it. We're on the 47th floor and we still couldn't see the other side. Bit of a smoke and a beer and we're off to a Mars Volta concert. Some of it was alright, but didn't really interest me if I'm honest. Then we go for a Chicago Town Pizza, shots and beer - well nice! Then Lori gives us a lift home. What a lovely, smart sexy, smart girl (told you I'd write something nice!). Cheeky little smoke and then straight to bed.

15 May
Wake up, starving after only eating salad yesterday. Go and look for somewhere open, it's like a ghost town, everywhere is shut, saw like 2 cars the whole time. I'm guessing there all at Church, being Sunday and the only place open was the Chinese, so that's what I had for Breakie. Then we're off to Chicago, stop at a truck stop and I'm forced to buy a burger. Then sleep, or try to. Shite roads, which we have to pay to use every mile, stopping at tolls. Get to the gig at the Subterranean, get fed Cajun chicken, 6 free drinks, met some girls that the guys new from the last time they were in town. Chelsea, Lori, Jessica, Melissa and Emily.

14 May
Wake up about 12.30ish - needed that sleep. Go into the house for another much needed shower, feel good this morning for some reason - I should be dead. Munch a load of Salad - maybe that sorted me out. Start the drive to Toledo, Ohio, about 4 hours. Get to a gig called the Underground. Sam and Hal go off to make some munch and Jamie's off on his normal bird mission. So I'm left to drink screwdrivers like they're going out of fashion - boy was I pissed.

13 May
Wake up and go to the Garage to get a burger thing. Fucking minged hard, tasted like death, but ate it anyway. Started the drive to Indianapolis, Indiana. Stopped to get a sub way, that's better! Get to the gig at the melody Inn - free pizza and beer - good work. Shoot some pool waiting to go on, smoke some pipes with the other band then go back to this dudes house called Greg, for a lovely wee drop off Jamesons, to be sure, to be sure. Then back to the bar girls and boyfriends house for a smoke, get back to the RV about 6AM, broad daylight, munch the other half of my subway and sleep like a baby.

12 May
Go and have a shower in the house and the girls say they work in a pizza shop, and we should call in. So we do - get a great pizza with all kindsa shit on it for 5 bucks - seems a sweet deal to me. Then we start to drive to Columbia, Missouri, we've been driving for two hours when the police pull us over, the old chestnut comes out again "what are you guys called - The Thieves!" - Very funny! Then it's out with our IDs again and lots of questions about Marijuana - we must look the sort. Get to the gig, quite quiet but some metal band on before us - loud as fuck - can feel my will to live slipping away but take full advantage of the free beer all night - spot on! Then out of nowhere the girls from last night turn up, so I have to give up my bed and sleep in the bunk so Sam the dirty little rat can have my bed.

11 May
Woke up at a truck stop, ate shit loads of salad to try and sort my self out from a heavy night. Then we started the drive - flat farm land for like 8 or 9 hours - boring as fuck. I slept for some of it. Then we get to the gig, off load the gear and the lads tell me there's an excellent curry house - so off we go. Spot on, lovely drop of Ruby. Then we do the gig, lots of free pissy beer again and back to these girls house to park up for the night. Reefer and bed.

10 May
Woke up in Cheyenne, was forced to go back to the wrangler store and get a Stetson (I just had to). Then we stopped at a ranch and went into the saloon bar, had a couple of beers and they had Bison Burgers for sale. Made use of the facilities and did the washing up (as usual Jamie ran off and didn't help). Then we're off to Denver. We get to the gig, go into the green room, they got free JD and bud - sweet! Meet Gem, nice girl, kept blagging me for smokes and said she was in the top ten in the UK, wish I'd paid more attention now. The tour manager for Gem was funny as fuck - real cockney geezer. The club we played was called Bender's. We were laughing about it and a guy said hey, what does Bender's mean in the UK - he said "Americans!". Got some chop off this dude and got successfully shit faced. Packed up the shit and started the drive to Lawrence, Kansas.

9 May
Wake up by the springs which are in Saratogo. Go use the free showers and we're off again. Stop to get gas and have an egg sarnie. Phone home and we're on the road again to Denver but we're gonna try and stop at Cheyenne. We've made good time so we do stop, go into a wrangler store, loads of cowboy boots and real cool stetsons - would have lolved to have bought one but they are like 120 bucks so I decide to give it a miss. Went into Wal Mart again to look at the shutguns, the guy behind the counter lemme hold one while Sam took a picture. Can you Imagine holding a semi automatic weapon in the middle of ASDA (English Supermarket) - I fink not! Go and have a beer in the local saloon bar (a loverly wee drop) then on to a truck stop for a few more beers, then we cook up tea, Szechwan Beef (check out this Gourmet shit!). Reefer, cards, beer and then Jamie farted so bad it made me gag twice - not civil behaviour, then bed.

8 May
Wake up about 11.30 cause the bus starts to move, crawl out of bed when it stops at a truck stop. Go and have a wash, go and have breakfast with Hal in Wyoming. Lots of coffee to wake up, finish off with Strawberry shortcake for free. Spotted a thing on the menu that said the waitress had to tell us about the shortcake or it was free - SUCKERS! Next gig is in Denver so we're gonna try and get half way tonight, oh and try to visit some hot springs on the way. Been driving for a couple of hours, all orangey cliffs and rocks and white, yellowy hills - I can Imagine Clint riding thru them on his horse. Parked up by the hot springs. But went to the shop first which had no wall space because of all the moose, deer, rams, wolves, bob cats, mountain lions, bears etc. and anything else that moves - stuffed and mounted on them with great pride - fuckin' un real!!! Cook tea, spag bol again (lucky I like it), a couple of beers and into the spa, well nearly! Only went up to my waist - it was hot as fuck - when we got out all our feet and legs were bright red. Then it's a nice reefer, another beer or two, a game of cards and bed. But couldn't sleep, freezin' my tits off where we haven't fixed the window yet.

7 May
Woke up by a knock on the RV door, 3 cops standing there - FUCK! Apparently one of the girls house mates had had her wisdom teeth (how ironic) out and when she woke up, 8 of her pain killers had gone, so she phoned the police and said it was us! KNOB ED’S! The police said, what ya doing here and we said we’re in a band so they say whatcha called – we say "The Thieves" – bugger! The police start to laugh, search the RV and let us go, leaving the girls stood in front of the house, we’re gentlemen and waved good bye. Pissin’ ourselves all the way to the diner where we have all you can eat breakfasts for 8 bucks. At the diner they also sold telecopic metal battons and fuck off massive knives, obviously for cutting up water melon. Then stop at Wal Mart, where if you’re 18 you can buy a pump action shotgun for 100 bucks (just over 50 quid) but NO DRINK! - Till 21, the land of the free, my arse. Then off on highway 84 to salt lake city, UTAH. About 350 miles – 5 hours ish. Get to the gig, a little shit hole called Burt’s Tiki but cool place – lot’s of character. Barman has no eyes, think he could well be a stoner. Free beer, thought great, then had about 12 pints with no effect – fuckin’ piss. My suspicions however were true, smoke some pipes with the barman, Scottie and the guy on the door. Get to bed about 4. Cream Krackered!

6 May
Wake up, cup a tea, egg sarnie, phone home and we’re off again. About 4 more hours drive. Landscape quite flat again now. Through lots a hills again – changes so quickly. Pissing it down! Get to Boise, quite red neck, bar seems cool though, get 5 free drinks and 8 bucks each for ‘food’ – yeah right! Gig rocked, sold lotsa merch, had a bit of chop and went back to these girls house for a drink and a smoke after the club shut. They were cheesy as fuck, could quite happily of punched them.

5 May
Parked up and Toby let’s us have showers in the morning - cool. Leave Seattle and start the journey to Boise, Idaho, but stop to get a board and fixings to sort out the smashed window and we get Krispy Crack donuts – I got two and was forced to get another. Into the mountains now, snow on the tops, lakes, streams and dense pine forest. Just got a truck driver to honk his horn – dumb and dumber styley - well funny! Stopped at a red neck truck stop last nite, spag bol for tea, a few beers, big fat reefer and lots a giggles over a few games of shit head (cards). Loser has to do a pint can shotgun – strength!

4 May
Woke up and had a much needed shower at ed’s house and he let us do our laundry – sound. Had a couple of bottles of cider wiv em and we’re off again, en route to Seattle, WA. About 200 miles. Get about 200 metres from the gig at the high dive and take a wrong turn, try to get down an alley. Jamie turns the bus and a pole goes through my bedroom window – DOH! Get fed at the gig again, four free drinks and loads of cheap tequila. Then it’s back to the sound man’s house, Toby’s for a smoke and pass out.

3 May
Wake up, have corn flakes and we’re off again. Quick stop to check out a river and stop at a truck stop for a wash. Full of red necks – big time – they have a chapel in the truck stop – PLAIN WEIRD! Got to the gig in Portland about 4ish, then set up the shit and started to drink for free, got fed well nice Italian food – didn’t spend a penny all night on booze, just 5 bucks on fags and 10 bucks on herb – got shit faced for free. When we left we bought a slab of beer for the road – 20 bucks, 24 cans – sweet! Went back to some guys house called ed and had pipes.

2 May
Wake up, have a cup of tea and we’re off. Driving over bridges and mountain roads, this lake seems to go on forever – looks like a post card. Now right at the top of North California. Just entered Oregan, lush green hills, raining showers quite a lot – guess that’s why its so green. Got about another 400 miles to our gig in Portland. Park up and cook bangers and mash for tea. Play cards, the loser has to shot gun a can of coke– you should have heard the burps – well funny.

1 May
Woke up on the bus with a great view of San Fran across the bay from Sausolito. Looking at Alcatraz as well – trippy. Drove for about 4 hours after looking around san fran, doing some shopping. Arrived at Lake Shasta and spent the night. Snow capped mountains now, everything getting greener the more north we go. The lake is amazing with a huge dam at one end. We park up by the lake, cook tea, have a few bears and play cards until bed time. Get the fear about taking a piss cause of mountain lions and bears.

30 April
Tongue and Groove, San Fran. Free shots and beer – great!

27 April
The Silverlake Lounge, LA – Really Drunk. Went through a Jack in the box drive thru without a car. Smoked a joint with this dude called Joe. This woman walked by and he goes “Hey Baby, you wanna smoke some weed?” Funny as fuck – he kept giving it “Don’t talk to me baby, I’m high!”.

26 April
The Gypsy Lounge, Orange County – Drunk!