The Thieves play Rock. It’s AC/DC on acid, Pink Floyd on uppers, The Who on a pub-crawl. It's Hal, Sam and Jamie : Guitar, Bass and Drums; hailing from Oxford, England, living in Los Angeles, California.

The Thieves covered over 60,000 miles and 160 live shows in 2005; they released their US debut, ‘Tales From The White Line’ on Liquor and Poker Music/Century Media. Constant touring, with an explosive live show, has scored the band great favour from music fans, venues and music press all across America.

The Thieves have continued touring through 2006, as well as preparing new recordings for release in 2007. In the words of Las Vegas Citylife, “ The Thieves are perfectly named; they'll do anything and endure any setback (shattered limbs) in order to bring the rock. They're the real fucking deal.


“Ridiculously rocking and catchy... expect big things.” – GIANT

Tales From The White Line might as well be renamed Blues Rock Album of the Year. 9/10.” - OUTBURN

“The Thieves show a knack for blues-based, hard-rock riffs, though producer Chris Brown (Radiohead, Muse) keeps things from sounding retro. Like the Cults take on hard rock, the Thieves perform it with style.” – Gammbit Weekly, New Orleans

“They may have been influenced by the likes of The Rolling Stones, Zeppelin and AC/DC but The Thieves aren’t a novelty act. They’re invading the States with an originality and energy that’s been missing since we all became mesmerized by the touchy-feely hokeyness of Coldplay and Jeff Buckley wannebees. It’s time to get back to raawk n’ roll basics and The Thieves are taking names and kicking arses”. – Two Walls

“Twelve Tracks in all and not a filler amongst them. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite, as each has a distinct hook and unique quality. So I’ll simply pick the whole album as favorite of the year” – Two Walls

“Stokes & Co. explode with adrenalin-filled linear rock starring the guitarist’s jarring power chords and a bone-crunching rhythm section”. – Guitar One Magazine

" ...Fuse the best of English pop with gut-busting California rock. The White Line is a fine sample of the trio’s work.” – Chicago Sun-Times

“A trio from the ultimate college town – Oxford, England – that energetically channeled the sound of another college town – Ann Arbor, Michigan – back in the days when it was home to the Stooges and the MC5.” – Washington Post

“White Line’s catchy enough to lodge in your cranium – this could drop huge.” – Drum Magazine

“...refreshing style of rock which avoids all the nu-metal pitfalls and instead encompasses everything from AC/DC to Nirvana, but with Ash’s pop nous and a hefty dose of stadium rock showmanship.” – Oxford Nightshift Magazine

“Purveyors of straight-ahead hard rock jams tinged with Pink Floyd psychedelia and T. Rex glam flourishes.” – Houston Press

“The Thieves were the surprise act of the night.” – Rochester City Weekly

“...a blur of shaggy blonde hair and flailing guitars. Hard hitting drums, power chords and fast paced bass lines, but ultimately their songcraft and presentation distinguish the group as modern and original.” – LA Times

“I observed Oxford, England trio the Thieves pickpocket the room with a lethal mix of AC/DC, the Who and the MC5. The Thieves are perfectly named; they'll do anything (relocating to L.A.) and endure any setback (shattered limbs) in order to bring the rock. They're the real fucking deal.” – Las Vegas Citylife